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In some way, our life amounts to what we pay attention to. We are shaped by what we watch, listen to, and put our hearts in front of. Music is central to the Christmas season. Some of it is great. Some of it is not so great.

The two playlists below are not be your typical Christmas music. In fact, there won't be any "Christmas music." But each is carefully chosen to help you cultivate a sense of awareness of darkness and longing for light. Consider this as truth by way of the heart, not the head. 


Try sitting down at some point this season and listening to it all the way through, ideally while doing nothing else but listening. Just listen, and wait.

These playlists were curated in collaboration with my dear friend Katie Pennock, they are intended to echo certain themes and songs back and forth.

*Explicit language warning: In "Waiting in the Darkness" you will encounter explicit language. These songs are about the difficulty of the world as it is, and the deep and dark frustrations that comes along with it. Each song was carefully chosen because the artist is onto something true about the darkness that exists in the world as it is. This doesn't make them true as a whole - you'll notice many things that aren't true. But it does make them all important. If this makes you uncomfortable, then stick with the "Longing for the Light" playlist.

Longing for the Light.jpg

(click image to go to Spotify, click here for Apple Music version)

Waiting in the Darkness.jpg

(click image to go to Spotify, click here for Apple Music version)

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