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Advent Edition!
Habits of Light for a World of Darkness
Advent is the season where the church celebrates the King who has come, and waits for the King that is coming again.
But Advent is also the season of December, and that makes it hard.
The holiday season is filled with rituals that seem to sparkle on the outside, but underneath aren't celebrating anything but consumerism. Further, they are often filled with such busyness that we end up spending the season cultivating perpetual rush rather than patient longing.
We need a new set of rituals for Advent, and that is exactly what The Common Rule - Advent Edition! has in mind.
The Common Rule - Advent Edition! will be released in mid-November and will include a set of daily and seasonal habits for communities who want to practice celebrating and waiting during Advent.
If you are looking for a new kind of Advent, then sign up below and join us in habits for celebrating the King who has come, and waiting for the King who will come again.
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