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The Seasonal Practice:


Sometimes we get to the big day & we have no idea what to do. We long to lean into the significance, but we’ve developed habits & traditions that detract or even push us away from it. Try this Christmas Morning Liturgy with your family or friends to push into the sparkling wonder of the incarnation of the Son of God. It is written to be done with a group of adults & children.

Click Below to Downloand the Christmas Morning Liturgy

Instructions:  This is a way to lean into the celebration of the incarnation on Christmas day. Work it in after Christmas breakfast, before you exchange gifts, or even after Christmas dinner if that is best. It takes about 7-15 minutes, depending on whether you're using the shorter kids version or the regular version.

You will need: Print copies of this liturgy for everyone, or have everyone click on the icon above to download and read it on a phone.

For Reading: You will need a Leader & one Reader. All scripture readings are printed here.

For Songs: If the group is comfortable with signing the song verses, do so! If that will not be comfortable, just have everyone read them together. 


Small Children: The regular version is written to involve small children, the short version is abbreviated for very small children with short attention spans. In both, the kids have one repeated line: on your signal (perhaps the raising of your hand) they will act surprised & yell “Wow!!!” Make sure to practice one or twice beforehand. Older children might prefer to simply read along with the adults.

Supplies: In the case of children, chocolate milk & marshmallows may be involved, if desired. This will help with excitement and attention span. Have milk poured in appropriate cups & plenty of marshmallows ready in advance.

Advent Edition!
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