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Contact us here if you're interested in booking a webinar or other digital convening for your congregation, church staff or community leaders on how to practice spiritual rhythms for quarantine. 


I love communicating the vision of living with purpose through carefully chosen habits.


Whether it's talking to your Church about why everyone should be living according to a rule of life, or speaking to your company about why good work habits support both wellness and the bottom line—I enjoy all of the above and would be delighted to speak at your event.

Photo by Mark Sprinkle

The Workplace

A Perfectly Designed SystemLawyering, Mental Illness and Habits of the Workplace (20 min version / 45 min version)

Four Habits That Will Change Your Workplace | Why Habits Promote Wellness and the Bottom Line  (20 min version / 45 min version)

Habits & Spiritual Formation

The Common RuleHabits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction (30 min)

Habits of LightHabits as Mission in a Secular Age (30 min)

Walking Into the StormLiving with Purpose in an Age of Busyness (30 min)


& Friendship

The Glorious VocationParenting as Being Parented by the Gospel (30 min)

Covenant Friendship | Why Enduring Friendships Will Make or Break Your Life (30 min)

Work Theology & The Common Good

Ordering the World in LoveWorking with God for Our Neighbors (25 min)

Business as Mission, ReallyWhy Products are Missional and Institutions shape the world (45 min)


& Justice

The Idols of American Law | Moving from Worship to the State to the Stewardship of the State (45 min)

The Politics of the Vulnerable | On a Renewed Politics for the Common Good (45 min)

Interested? Get in touch.

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