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  • A Perfectly Designed System | Lawyering, Mental Illness and Habits of the Workplace (20 min version / 45 min version)

  • Four Habits That Will Change Your Workplace | Why Habits Promote Wellness and the Bottom Line​ (20 min version / 45 min version)

Habits & Spiritual Formation

  • The Common Rule | Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction (30 min)

  • Habits of Light | Habits as Mission in a Secular Age (30 min)

  • Walking Into the Storm | Living with Purpose in an Age of  Busyness (30 min)

Fatherhood & Friendship

  • The Glorious Vocation | Parenting as Being Parented​ by the Gospel (30 min)

  • Covenant Friendship | Why Enduring Friendships will make or Break Your Life (45 min)

Work, Theology & The Common Good​

  • Ordering the World in Love | Working with God for our Neighbors (25 min)

  • Business as Mission, Really​ | Why Products are Missional and Institutions Shape the World (45 min)

Law & Justice

  • The Idols of American Law​ | Moving from Worship of the State to Stewardship of the State (45 min)

  • A Politics for the Vulnerable | On A Renewed Politics for the Common Good (45 min)

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I love communicating the vision of living with purpose through carefully chosen habits.


Whether it's talking to your church about why everyone should be living according to a rule of life, or speaking to your company about why good work habits support both wellness and the bottom line - I enjoy all of the above and would be delighted to speak at your event.

Please contact me about availability using the form below.

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*Speaking fee depends on travel, size of audience and production of new content, please contact for details and feel free to email me at

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