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Habits of Light for an Age of Darkness

The Common Rule Advent Edition is a set of four daily habits designed to help you lean into the Advent Season and long for the light.


Advent Edition!




Small, repeated words have power. This habit is to pray three, short, Advent prayers at waking, midday and bedtime. Read more here, and download the PDF for the prayers.


Lighting a candle is a tactile reminder of what light is, and what it does. At some point each day (before dinner is ideal), light a candle and say the words: "Christ is light."

We are formed by what we pay attention to. This habit is designed to disrupt your morning routine, direct your gaze away from your phone, and towards Advent readings.

Advent is about waiting. The modern world - especially our phones - do not teach us about waiting. This is a way to practice the important art of waiting. Read more here.

The four Advent habits are designed to work together to create a daily rhythm of waiting and longing for the light.

The prayers and readings are available online, or in a printable PDF format.

Advent Daily Habits

The Common Rule Advent Edition also offers four seasonal resources. Feel free to use them to explore what it means to wait in the darkness, and long for the light.

A call and response reading for groups on Christmas morning (kid friendly version included). Use it to lean into the moment, and mark the miracle of the morning.

A template for throwing an advent party. Make the drinks, invite some friends, and share a moment of reading and singing together.

Not your typical Christmas music. This playlist is designed to draw you into the reality of our place in time - we are waiting in the darkness and longing for the light.

Also not your typical Christmas music. This playlist is designed to draw our eyes to what it will mean when the light comes again. 

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