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On Getting Lost

To become lost in something is the most human thing you can do. Let something overwhelm you. This is the view of the world where you are not holding the world together - you are in the world. You are exploring it, finding a way in its hallways and - like any curious child exploring a great new house - you get lost in the wonder of certain rooms.

Things worth doing in the world are worth getting lost in. We need habits of immersion, where we do only one thing and we do it fully. Sabbath is like this. To rest from your week’s work one day a week is not about a law of “not doing” - it is about a deeper urge to do only one thing, to rest. This applies in other areas. The morning hours of work - forget about everything and create something amazing before 11AM. Then come back to the internet and see what awaits you. Block off an evening and get lost in conversation, forget what time it is and get to bed late because someone is so worth talking to. Take an outing with your kids without your watch, become lost in play together.

Thinking that we can manage the world is a fundamentally inhuman perspective - we’re not in final control of it. It is much more freeing to see your limitations. You are in the world. Go explore some of the wonderful things it has to offer, become overwhelmed, get lost.

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